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The maximum length of DNA sequence webSIDD accepts is 10 KB. For analysis of longer sequences, please make a request to have your sequence analysed. The graphical output of this program is intended to give a quick review of the SIDD profile of your sequence. Your results will not be stored on our server, so it is strongly recommended that you save the output of your analysis.

*NOTE: Please do not include any spaces or special characters in your sequence name.*

Questions concerning SIDD Computing can be directed to: Dr. Craig J. Benham.Papers using the SIDD database should cite Craig J. Benham and Chengpeng Bi, 2003. Papers using WebSIDD should cite Bi, C.-P. and Benham, C.J.(2004) WebSIDD: Server for Prediction of the Stress-induced Duplex Destabilized Sites in Superhelical DNA, Bioinformatics, 20, 1477-1479.

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